Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Has Cover Art!

Check it out. My awesome cover art for Martial Hearts arrived in my in-box this morning. Nicola Martinez is the one who sent it to me, so my assumption is that she created said art (Nicola is the awesome artist behind the cover from Sweet Cicely as well). My suggestion for cover art was a silhouette of a martial artist kicking a heart shape...and character info that the Asian hero was gregarious and the "class clown" type:

Does this not rock? I love it. I'd like to know what the chinese characters say, though--don't want to offend anyone who can read it. Awesome art. Author is much pleased.

*Update: from the artist herself: "I know exactly what the symbols say...I think. I got it off the internet, so I'm taking the site's word for it, but the symbols underneath the silhouette say Kenpo Karate Dojo. The ones under the title say Martial Hearts and the ones by your name say Kelly. :)" How cool is that? Nicola, you rock.

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