Short Stories


If only love could be as easy as pollinating flowers in the greenhouse.

A failed romance drives horticulturist Ivy McVey to give up grad school and return home to her family’s commercial flower business. When a woman storms into the flower shop and orders a ratty-looking bouquet of dead flowers to be delivered to a man named CJ, Ivy has to know who this guy is. Her adherence to the Victorian language of flowers charms CJ Wilson, a handsome marketing consultant, who offers online marketing opportunities in exchange for a date. Ivy must put aside cynicism born of past hurts and look past the shiny car to see the man—is he as perfect as he seems?


Inanimate objects move when not looked at. A two-dimensional clown watches you from the wallpaper.  An unexplained shiver of unwelcome drives you from a room you shouldn’t be in. Sensations of trespass in a friend or co-worker’s private space can be dismissed as good manners. But what if that sensation arose from a room in your own house? A loving wife and mother learns how far compassion can stretch when she encounters a hostile, petulant spirit in her baby’s nursery.
"I'll Always Hear You" was part of issue #15 of Disturbed Digest, by Alban Lake Publishing.
Martial Hearts

AUSTIN LI, Kenpo Karate instructor and first-degree black belt, is everybody’s favorite. Gregarious and talented, he’s as popular with adult students as with the kids he teaches. After a hot day at the karate school’s annual picnic, shy nurse APRIL MARTIN is anxious to get him alone. If she risks rejection and wrestles Austin to the mat, will she be defeated by disappointment or stand victorious in love?

Light and fun, Martial Hearts made me smile! – Jade Lee, USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR The Dragon Earl  Sept 2008

“Martial Hearts” by Kelly McCrady is a quick, fun read that I enjoyed from the first page to the last. If you are looking for a fun, quick read, with just a hint of spice, then “Martial Hearts” is surely for you! -- Amaranth, The Long and Short of it Reviews

Diana Coyle of Night Owl Romance calls this story a keeper. “I really enjoyed this story...It was a fun, light read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The storyline was fresh and new…and I will definitely look into other work done by Ms. McCrady.”

Sweet Cicely

Just in time for Christmas, Cicely Navros has been laid off. She endures a colossally awful day involving a temp agency and the horrors of chintz, a day ending in a soggy walk to the mini-mart for eggs—where she literally runs into Adonis! Whet your appetite for Greek cuisine and satisfy your craving to leave the Christmas lights up all year in this sweet tale of hope and desire.