Contemporary Romance

Canyon Hearts
Patti Ann Colt and Kelly McCrady
Echo Falls, Texas #6

Trina would rather look anywhere but the past. The past is all Matt wants to see…

Discharged from the Marines, MATT PARKER returns to Echo Falls, Texas and becomes a rookie cop. But his hometown is not the utopia he remembers. In his absence, a cancer of drugs and gang activity has invaded the Canyon. Determined to serve and protect, to return Echo Falls to the ideal of his heart, Matt focuses his quest around a spicy yet guarded single mom, a fallen homecoming queen.  Charity quickly turns to dedication when Matt falls in love with the tempestuous young woman and her son.

TRINA MURRAY’s crown slipped during youthful rebellion, leading to pot, poverty, and pregnancy. Sober now, she struggles to succeed enough to escape her judgmental family. When her baby’s father is released on parole, Trina is desperate to protect her son and accepts Matt’s offer of shelter, not expecting to fall for the dedicated cop. But his fix-it solutions won’t support her plans to run, instead tempting her to dream of an intimate family that she’s sure is out of reach.

When crime increases, bringing theft, graffiti, drugs and violence, a strong community resolves to clean out the town…with Matt and Trina caught at the center, for better or worse.

Full novel:  93,000 words
Rating:  Explicit Sensual Intimacy
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

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