Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ah, Summer

I'm still around. Really.

If today will give you a sample of my work day, here's how it went:

6 am. Awake to dog breathing loudly. We call him the choo-choo train. He wanted out. I stumbled to the door, trying to zip my housecoat with little success, and finally just clutched it closed across my nakedness while he did his thing in the lawn.

7:30 Out of bed. Must get Kidlet up. Kiss hubby goodbye as he's off to work.

8 am Kidlet, Shadow and I downstairs having breakfast. TV on. Oswald this morning, I think. Let dog out once more. Brush Kidlet's hair with oil and conditioner, put in bun. Shoo her to bathroom and into swim suit. Assemble necessary items for swim lessons.

8:20 Off to the pool. Need to drive long way around (okay, still a 5 min drive) due to road maintenance on the most convenient road--you know, the one that connects Main Street to the road the grade school is on. They tore this road up last summer too, and now it will be closed until October. Bussing will be fun...

8:30. She's in her lesson at our lovely indoor pool and I find my usual spot behind the kiddy pool, with a good view of her group. My printed manuscript of The Empire's Edge open on my lap, pen in hand. I'm almost halfway through reading from beginning to end, smoothing transitions and adding tiny descriptors. Lieutenant Hendor finally has a face...

10:58 I finally look at the clock and decide I ought to pull her out of the kiddy pool (where she has been since 9) and head home. Get her showered and dressed. Yes, you can have another pretzel.

11:30 turn on laptop, Kidlet parked in front of TV. Something on dinosaurs.

12 pm Make lunch for Hubby and us.

1:00 One last e-mail

1:10 One last e-mail

1:15 Dangit, we NEED to get going--told our friend we'd be over at 1:30. Ain't gonna happen, and it's my fault.

1:45 We're finally suncreened and ready to leave. In the HOT truck and off to cross town.

2:00 show up, 1/2 hour late (oops) at friend's appartment complex, to share pool time. A fun time was had by all.

4:15 Kidlet, we need to go home. Daddy needs us to stop at the store...

4:36 finally drag Kidlet out of the pool and to the HOT truck to change into dry clothes. I love our Yukon. Room enough in the back for me to change, too.

5:00 to Bi-Mart to get prescriptions

5:10 to Albertson's to get corn, potatoes, tomatoes and ice cream.

5:20 HOME. Shadow is much pleased, and runs off to the open lot next door to sniff around.

5:45 Hubby returns from the kill, bacon hard-won.

I'll stop there 'cause I can't remember the order any more, but I spent the time cooking and cleaning and watching Dirty Jobs (a household favorite). Hubby finished eating and disappeared to his cave upstairs and I flipped on the laptop to do some editing work for today. One manuscript formatted (ta-da). Unfortunately, it's now 10:30 and Kidlet is still on the couch awake, watching Baby Borrowers while I type this. I did send her upstairs at 9 pm to brush teeth and get ready for bed. She was still watching Mike Rowe on DVD but I turned that off at 10. I have no excuse for not setting this down and putting her in bed. Do I love my internet more than my child? We can sleep in tomorrow. She's awake enough to have noticed that the same commercial played back to back.

Tomorrow we'll get up and do the same meandering through the day again.