Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Way Too Early to Camp

I've been away from tech for a few days. We went camping for the first time this summer, from Sunday 6/29 to this morning.

This year I made reservations. Six weeks ago. Figured Crater Lake would be full the week of July 4th. I was right, but for different reasons than I supposed.

First, this is the sight that greeted us upon arrival in the park:

We sorta forgot that Crater Lake Nat'l Park begins at 5,000ft above sea level.

The campground: Along with being snowed in, they'd had a water main break, so all but three of the loops were closed, cutting the capacity by 2/3. Also, potable water was only available at the camphost building. One restroom (not on our loop) was open all night for over 30 campsites. Good thing we had reservations. Five points if you can spot the picnic table.

Our campsite:

Look carefully at the ground by the snow. Standing water. What happens anywhere you have standing water?

We were eaten alive. Deet does not stopt the little demons.

The good news is that we have really toasty sleeping bags and did not freeze overnight. Still, we ain't going camping again until at least August.

A good time was had by all, despite two sittings in a time-out chair for Kidlet. The lake was almost invisible this morning due to smoke from the California fires. I was much thankful we had a home to come home to, today.

And that bath felt sooooo good.