Monday, July 21, 2008

Pity Party

My face is numb.

The left half and some of the right. And my tongue. I'm trying hard not to bite it.

I got fillings about an hour ago--the first in my life.

Confession time. I originally planned to have the tooth-colored composite filling put in the molar.

For three months I thought about it, accepting the fact that my appearance and the way I feel about my teeth has to change. I've been flossing as I should and using flouride rinse since May.

Last week I called the dentist and changed the composite to the normal silver amalgam. The insurance won't pay for composite in back teeth and I didn't want my little family to have troubles buying groceries for my vanity. So. I have a silver filling in the back, visible every time I smile and laugh.

So what.

It's done. And my whole head feels numb. Weird sensation.