Thursday, February 21, 2008

TT- Firefly

13 Episodes of Firefly

Yes, there are fourteen…but if you discount the original pilot (they aired ep.2 first) that makes 13…go with me on this one.

I’ve got a hankerin’ to re-watch me some Cap’n Tightpants. And Kaylee. I loved Kaylee. And Jayne. And Zoe. And Wash. And poor little River (who is now one kick-ass terminator on the Sarah Conner Chronicles—turning out to be an excellent show. My scifi TV viewing needs are happy again)
Here they are in the order in which they are intended to be watched:

"Serenity "
"The Train Job"
"Our Mrs. Reynolds"
"Out of Gas"
"War Stories"
"The Message"
"Heart of Gold"
"Objects in Space"

Follow up the series with a re-watch of Serenity

And some Nathan Fillion yumminess to finish off: