Friday, February 29, 2008

My favorite time of Spring

February 29 this year normally would be March 1...and the Daphne is in bloom.
(sniffs a deep breath) Heavenly. My favorite scent of all flower scents. A daphne bush blossomed beneath my window in the house where I grew up. Away at college, homesick, I found a bush of it on OSU's campus, between the math and computer science buildings. I used to sneak past with scissors and snip off a head of blossoms to put in my dorm room.

Now I content myself with a single blossom tucked into my cleavage. Perfect perfume for me all day. One of the first things I planted upon returning to the Willamette Valley was a daphne bush--and I guard it closely!

The smell takes me back to my formative literary years as well--as soon as the scent hits my nose I am deep within Sharon Green's Jalav series again...the song "Sweet Dreams" by Heart on the radio...