Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Fixed Her!

No TT this week--I forgot last night.

Happy Valentine's Day (I'd be a remiss romance author if I didn't at least mention it).

Yesterday my daughter and I drove down the local intrastate highway to meet hubby for lunch. I was in the left lane to pass a full-sized Ford behind a log truck. She kept up with me so I increased speed to get past her in time for her to be able to get behind me to also pass the log truck. No problems, right?

Wrong, apparently. This woman got behind me and got up so close I could not see her grill. As soon as it was safe to, I pulled to the right in front of the log truck and she blasted up next to me, gestured rudely, roared forward (this is all at 60 mph, BTW) and whipped in front of me.

Up to this point, I was calm--and confused as to what her problem was. I could ignore the rude gestures. If it makes you happy to flip people off, more power to you (as long as you're sure that person is unarmed). But her next move ticked me off.

She slammed on her brakes. On the freeway!

Remember there was a loaded log truck behind me? And my 5-year-old daughter in my vehicle?

I checked mirrors, moved to the left lane to avoid her, grabbed my cellphone. Dialed 911 and reported her ass to the police. I even had a licence plate to give them.

Be an ass if you like. But DO NOT endager the life of my child just because you're in a hurry.