Friday, February 8, 2008

Hot Diggity

I just checked our bank account online to make sure we haven't overdrawn (biting nails...a week to go til payday) and found that not only have we received our tax refunds--they came into our account a week ago.

That'll help.


News on the writing front: I am inches from finishing my second publishable short story, Martial Hearts (thanks to Lindsey Sodano for the title). Schmoozing with my fellow TWRP editors revealed the ez submissions process--I query directly to the senior editor of that line (Sweetheart Rose, in this case), mention I'm staff, and previously published with TWRP. Cream of the slush pile. Now all I need is to come up with a good blurb and excerpt to tell y'all about that book and put it on my website...Martial Hearts is slightly longer than Sweet Cicely, by 1000 words or so.

Updated blurb (on my website):

Austin Li, Kenpo Karate instructor and first-degree black belt, is everybody's favorite. Gregarious and talented, he is popular with both the kids that he teaches and the other adult students. After a hot day at the school picnic, shy April is desperate to encounter him alone. If she wrestles Mr. Li to the mat, will she stand victorious—or be crushed?

Feel free to crit the off-the-top-of-my-head blurb in comments.