Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thursday already?

No Thursday 13 this week--or last. Concentrating on editing and writing.


That and we had no school at all this week. Three snow cancellations then two scheduled days off for "conferences or grading." Kidlet has managed to finegle playdates with neighborhood classmates most days but she still insists I get off the computer and play with her all afternoon. Not that it's been terrible. She's fun. And I got in a lot of housework I would have neglected in favor of the computer otherwise. But oh! these late nights trying to work after she's gone to least I can sleep in tomorrow knowing school is not scheduled instead of stumbling to the Net at 7am to check the news for school snow closure info.

I got a high-five tonight from my instructor for knowing the technique he was about to teach us. To be fair, I watched kidlet's class earlier that afternoon and remembered the name long enough to look it up in our book during dinner. Still felt good that Mr. Pollara noticed when I demonstrated it to myself in the mirror while he got us all organized.

And I learned three new words tonight while editing: priapic, fervency, and conflate.