Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby Steps

Breaking a job into little bits makes it go by not only quicker but also gets it done.

I knew this for nonfiction article writing already, but I applied this radical idea recently to my fiction. I have four (official on the outline) scenes left to write for Canyon Hearts. I wasn't getting anything done amidst edits on other projects. Looking more closely at the outline, I saw five sentences in the first scene's I separated them with spaces, divided by 1500 words and discovered, lo and behold, that each sentence of "What should happen" would only require 300 words to get there. 300 words--that's nothing!

I immediately typed out the first sentence's material. Checked the wordcount--500 words. Next evening, did the second setence and landed 448 words. I may be onto something...this is with limited time to work on new prose, too. Imagine if I had a full day to write.

You can do this too.