Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cruel Insight

I recently caught up with a former coworker, from my pre-mommyhood days. Turns out, she became a professional writer not long after we parted company and has been writing ever since. I stumbled across her blog and found this old post that struck me as...a little close to home.


She laments that while she was concentrating on her work-at-home-work, her two pre-school-age daughters decided to give each other haircuts. I have escaped the home-beauty-treatment scissors routine (so far) here, but Kidlet gets into other things while my attention is on the computer.

Do others of you with small children feel this same split of attention and guilt that you're ignoring your most important function of mother in the meantime? I have an ear out for downstairs activity right now, actually...I'd better go check on her.