Monday, April 13, 2009

When a writer’s life is words on a computer screen, we can forget where we’ve left them all but never where we have not sent them yet. The number of people whose eyes have not read our writing overwhelms us on some days…

My blog is veeeery quiet, yet I’ve written more words in the past two weeks than I have for years.

Just not here.

Reason #1: spending energy writing non-fiction for pay. Go read my non-fiction work, if you’re curious.

Reason #2: fiction words spilling from the brain I share with Patti Ann Colt on a new book we’re writing together. We’re 1/3 of the way into the book in only one month, so the writing is going well. Set in her fictional town of Echo Falls, Texas, the book we’re collaborating on centers on rookie cop Matt Parker and the former homecoming queen he rescues from a bad situation.

Reason #3: SYTYCD Australia. Just a time-waster in general. But loads of fun.

As for forgetting where we've been, I stumbled across this guest-blog post I wrote back in November. The blog owner did not tell me when she'd be posting it so I didn't notice until recently it had posted in February. Go read how revisions from the publishing editor affects both the author and the editor on Fiction Matters.

Kenpo: And I never did tell y'all I won third place overall in our tournament season for the adult division. I got a spiffy trophy. Kidlet won a matching trophy for her division. At the end of this month I will earn my half orange/half purple belt, and in July should earn my purple. Yay me.