Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to the Grind

Happy New Year. I don't count the new year as starting until A) Christmas is packed away in the garage and B) Hubby and Kidlet return to their normal routine out of the house.

Both had taken place as of 8 am yesterday.

Kenpo Karate tournament #3 is coming up in two weeks--and we're finding out in bits and pieces what all will be expected. We have to choreograph self-defense techniques and coordinate with the "bodies" that volunteer to help. Looks like heavy-rotation in class time again...At the end of this tournament, we not only receive certificates for each event but also trophies to represent our overall ranking from the three tournaments.

I want a trophy, darn it.

It's worth the $10 and all the practice and stress. (My practice and Hubby's stress--he doesn't like performing in front of people). Kidlet doesn't mind performing but dislikes practice...but she's up for a trophy as well. She is the only one of us who participated in tourney #1, grappling and sparring, back in June.

My writing is on track for upcoming submission to a big-house publisher. I don't want to jinx the process so will stay mum until it's done. Also, I have two new WIP concurrently, one short and one long.

Great inspirational quote:

Patrick Stewart said, in reference to advice given by a race-driving coach, "Look at where you want to go, not where you're afraid to go." (At least I think that's close to what he said. I vegged on the couch earlier today watching Star Trek specials on the Biography Channel.)