Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa was kind

Kelly's fave gifts this year:

New coat (Cabella's catalogue...warm) and Ug-boot knock-offs from Hubby. And my very first Mp3 player, a QVC gift from MIL. Yes, I'm a tech dinosaur. It's a tiny 1Gb, but still holds lots.

I've been having fun combing through our CD collection, smashing the files to Mp3 and transferring them to the device, then rearranging the files to suit me. Still fiddling. What fun! I'm dredging up music I haven't listened to in years. Now I can hear it whenever I like. If I want to listen to music while I type without disturbing anyone else--I can! I'm up to the "J"s and it's a little over half full. I may have to cull some songs. So far, the only entire album that has made the cut is A-Ha Hunting High and Low.

And I may have to go music shopping to get some of the cool stuff Carrie listens to.

In other news, Kidlet was unable to fully enjoy Uncle Nate's annual visit, due to a high fever. She's better as of this morning, but not running on full steam yet. Fever + worrying symptoms after 5pm on Saturday had us scurrying to the Urgent Care office. Non-urgent care...didn't see a doctor for four hours. Kidlet slept for two hours curled in a waiting room chair. I was stupid and forgot to bring a book. They didn't have any magazines to look at. Triage nurse found no fever--the Tylenol was still working. Doctor found no cause to worry. Said rest, fluids, yadda yadda. Still, we were glad we took her in, to rule out major infection. Mommy suffered two nights of child with temperature of 103. Thank goodness nothing worse, though. Cultures confirmed this morning no UTI, which was my big worry Sat night. Of course I knew that by now...

Update on New Year's Day...fever continued all week. On Wednesday, I took her to her normal pediatrician, who looked in her throat and said, "Wow--I'll bet it didn't look like that on Saturday!" Doc took a throat culture (so much fun for Kidlet) to check for Strep. Initial test results are negative, but the longer-taking more accurate test results still could come up positive tomorrow. Poor kid. She feels much better today, in spite of a swollen and sore throat. Appeteit is back--and a good thing too. She's lost three pounds. Sucky Christmas vacation for Kidlet; she's been sick the whole time.