Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wow, has it been that long?

I blurred Hubby's name to protect his privacy. He doesn't like his name splashed about--insists our phone number should not be listed in the phone book, etc. After thirteen years of honoring his wishes, however eye-roll-inducing they may be, I shall continue to do so, as promised. But happy anniversary to us! The poem is lyrics to "The Sweetheart Tree" by Henry Mancini, from The Great Race.

Nicer photo than the ones the professional photog ("The weasel" as Hubby calls him) took. This was a snapshot from a friend of my mother's. I was really young.After the ceremony, our friend drove us to Hubby's mom's apartment, where we showered and I washed off the mask of makeup and hairspray. After a simple dinner cooked by my new MIL, Hubby and I drove to Portland through the aftermath of the nasty ice storm that prevented many friends and relatives from coming to the ceremony. We parked our car at a friend's house, and the friend drove us to PDX, where we hopped a plane at midnight bound for points east.
The stewardesses cooed over us and gave us champagne and tiny United Airlines glasses.
You can see where we went on our honeymoon. DC was freaking cold in December. We visited Mt. Vernon straight from the airport, but I was so tired I remember nothing except falling asleep in my peanut soup at the restaurant.

We stayed at the best man's house, to visit his pregnant wife and family and tour for a few days before continuing on to the more honeymoonish destination of Disneyworld. When we arrived at the house, the best man's 5-yr-old daughter graciously informed me that my new husband would be sleeping in her room and I could have the couch.
Cute tyke. No.
Disneyworld was far more fun than we anticipated, and we ended up going back for our fifth anniversary. But -20F + 65 and humid + three airplane rides = two sick newlyweds.
Still, the "wedding monster" didn't eat us, and we survived both ceremony and honeymoon and the aftermath, and gift opening and thank-you-letter-writing.
That was a long time ago, in a life far, far away LOL.
What odd memories do you retain from your wedding/honeymoon?