Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Off To See the Wizard

I'm all packed, sans toothbrush and other things I still need to use in the morning. I have my boarding pass printed and in hand.

Wednedsay I travel to San Francisco to RWA Nationals. My friend Carrie is already there and has scouted the place--she says build in time for riding elevators, 'cause some of the workshops etc. will be on upper floors!

I'm stoked for this trip. Kidlet has hugged me a lot today and helped me pack some and helped more by entertaining herself. She nodded sagely and said, "You're taking a vacation from me." NO no no no, Baby Doll! I replied I'm giving her and Daddy some special bonding time. Five days without Mommy demanding they eat right and chew with their lips closed...

I'll be offline until I get back Sunday night...no, better make that Monday as I'm sure my house will have imploded in my absence and I'll be doing laundry, dishes, and clutter-patrol, kid-bathing, feeding, etc. on Sunday.

Still needed: a book to read on the way down. I know I'll pick up plenty while I'm there LOL.

I'll be shopping The Empire's Edge and promoting Martial Hearts. Here's my elevator pitch:

A noblewoman expects a royal annulment once she solves the conflict endangering the realm's dragons, but the only man who offers help is her arranged husband, a sexy, low-born captain intent on military glory.

Wish me luck!