Monday, May 19, 2008

No Such Luck

I rolled out of bed at 5:45am to log on and attempt to get an appointment with an agent at RWA Nationals this July.

Nope. All full when I looked at 6am--the earliest I could sign up, as a general member.

Oh well--I was worried that I won't have The Empire's Edge truly ready to pitch to someone official by then, though I will certainly attempt it casually while at the conference.

I fully intend to participate in as many workshops as I can. And I'm sooo excited to finally meet my Circle friends, Patti, Cathleen, and Carrie, in person. Dude. Patti, Cathleen and I have been crit partners online for five years and we've never even spoken on the phone. Carrie joined us in 2006, so gosh that's almost two years ago (this September). Newer member Liz will also be there and I get to meet/gush over Ann Aguirre (gonna track her down and have her sign my copy of Grimspace).

Why am I all excited about this two months in advace? I bought my plane tickets on Friday. It's real now.