Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mother's Day

Mother's Day was fun, and shocking, and lots of hard work, and fun...

Fun began with waking first, sneaking downstairs and having an hour to myself in silence, with my laptop and International Coffee.

Kidlet wandered downstairs at around 9am, muzzy-headed but aware enough to wish me Happy Mother's Day. She had Cheerios and juice while I played on my computer.

After hubby awoke and I ascended the stairs to discuss the day's plan with him, Kidlet said she had a surprise in store and not to come downstairs. When I did, she was again ensconced in front of the TV with her cereal. No change. I said, "You had a surpise for me?"

She pointed to the kitchen. "I made you Cheerios and milk, Mommy." She was so happy and proud, I praised her and choked them down with a smile. I'd already eaten breakfast and was rather full, but I couldn't disappoint her. She made me breakfast.

The family got dressed and we headed out the door to Costco to get a few things for the freezer and cupboards. $400 later, hubby and I put the groceries in the car, gasping for breath. A year ago, that stuff might have cost $200. Egads. And we only bought food, not "stuff." Well, the gov'ment wanted us to put our kicker checks back into the economy...we didn't anticipate it happening so fast.

After we got home and put the stuff away, Kidlet and I changed clothes and hauled garden tools out to the backyard, where on Saturday hubby had cut a hole out of the lawn in the only sunny stretch of the yard. I upended a bag of compost onto the icky clay "soil" and with my favorite tool--my Pulaski--I tilled the area by hand, removing rocks and churning the clay and compost together to make a vegetable garden. Final size is a rectangle about 12 x 6 or so.

Kidlet helped me pluck worms out of harm's way (as an aside, the blue pot upside-down in the photo is where she stored has a false bottom and they became stuck inside and wouldn't come out), and drop seeds into the rows I hoed into the now passable soil. We have six rows of corn (please don't let the racoons get wind of this) and a mound of pumpkins. We made labels out of popsicle sticks. Kidlet insisted on having one corner of the garden reserved for mudpies. She wrote a label for it and outlined it with the rocks I'd dug up. Way cute.

Tomato seeds and watermelon seeds are in the house on windowsills to germinate before we move them outside. I'm thinking of puting other veggies in pots on the deck this summer. Need more dirt first. The melons will go out front in the big flowerbed because that is the only spot on our property that gets full sun all day.

Dude. Tired me. Convinced Kidlet to watch TV for 30 min and let Mommy soak in the big tub alone before she could pounce on me to play in the deep water. She joined me and we played for another half hour. Hubby had promised me delivered food, so we ordered pizza after our bath. More computer time for me! I called my mother while we waited for the pizza.

A nice Mother's Day.


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