Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday 13 - To Be Read Pile

Since I declared I want to read one book a month this year, I ought to list them. My bookshelf has the exact right number of things in my to be read pile to make a Thursday Thirteen list, so here you go:

Books I will read this year:

1. Working For the Devil - Lilith Saintcrow. Reading now. Almost done. Really cool.

2. Johanna - Isabel L. Martens. An e-book, this time. The reviews have been outstanding and I love Isabel's writing anyway. This lady has seen, done, and experienced a LOT. And it all goes into her writing.

3. Dragon's Fire - Anne and Todd McCaffrey. It's Pern. Must read!

4. A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks

5. The Countess - Catherine Coulter. This is a re-make she did, so a second printing; this time restored as a gothic romance vs. the regency the publisher made her stuff it into the first time, in 1978, as The Autumn Countess.

6. Killashandra - Anne McCaffrey. This is a re-read for me; first time was 1985. Should all be new again, a lifetime later LOL

7. Brimstone - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child. I liked The Relic and The Reliquary. Have not been impressed with their other offerings thus far. We'll see on this one.

8 - 12. Stephen King books. I found a pile of them cheap cheap cheap at a garage sale and so far have only read Carrie. The others are: Firestarter, IT, The Tommyknockers, Christine, and Salem's Lot.

13. What a Scoundrel Wants - Carrie Lofty. I have to wait until December to relish this again, this time in its permanent form. Definitely on my to-read-pile!