Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday 13 - Hair Bobs

In light of my desperate need for a haircut, and exciting yet still stressful work-stuff in my other life, I'm throwing silliness your way this week:

My 13 favorite ways to keep my mane out of my face:

1. Silver clip with faux-turqoise and danglies. Note the sparkling clean white floor.

2. Ye olde big clippies. Shiny gold, tortise-shell, and a black one I could not locate for the photo.3. Even bigger clippie. I designed this one myself.
4. Smaller clip, more for a topknot-style hold. Oldie but goodie (no pun intended)

5. Scrunchies. These are my best ones, sans the one that was holding my hair while taking pictures. Ponytail, bun, twist, topknot--they all work. We had a saying in college that a girl's intelligence was inversely proportional to the height of her ponytail. Sorority babe--top of head. Science and engineering chicks? Nape of the neck, baby.

6. This headband is the neatest fabric...can't see it well in the photo but it is lavender morphing into blue or pink depending on the angle of the light. It also opens into a head scarf, hiding a multitude of bad-hair-day issues. 7. Beaded wire headband--the wires hold my thick hair at bay, most of the time. Good for unruly curly days.

8. Tiger stripes. Always a good thing.

9. Monster clip. This is about the only one I've found strong enough to hold my hair. One negative: I forget I'm wearing it and smack it on the roof of the car when I'm climbing in. Ow.
10. Strong elastic band. This is the one I trust for karate class. The Scrunchies have a tendency to slip when I whip my head around.
11. These barettes are vintage. They belonged to my mother. She kept them in her make-up drawer, and I used to sneak in there and pull them out to look at them. I imagined, with their fine filigree-look finish and old-fashioned clasps, that they belonged in the hair of a princess. When I grew up, I kaiped them.

12. Note the googly eyes. These guys were a gift from a former coworker at the zoo. They're a big hit at kidlet's kindergarten.

13. Jeweled hairpins. These inspired the hairpins Leah wears in The Empire's Edge.