Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday 13 Christmas List

Little over one week until guests arrive---aaaaaa!! My house has exploded! (Little problem with being a writer and editor and mother of a small child and one large, hairy dog...)

13 things I still have to do before the 21st:

1. Scrub the bathroom floors
2. De-clutter the kitchen counter
3. finish putting up Christmas decorations and put the boxes back out of sight
4. Dust the guest room
5. Vacuum. Again.
6. Wash the dog
7. make pie dough
8. Grocery shop for dinner items and pumpkin pie fixings
9. Build gingerbread house with kidlet
10. Texture the bare wall above the downstairs bathroom vanity that was installed last April and paint it. Yes, I have been putting this off.
11. Download video from, from kidlet's birthday in May...Figure out how to burn it onto DVD and do so.
12. Purchase gifts for the last few people on my list and ship the ones that need to go elsewhere
13. Finish addressing Christmas cards and purchase postage and mail them. All 38.