Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday 13 - 3x5 cards

A silly one this week. Thirteen uses for a 3x5 card:

1. bookmark
2. recipe card
3. store list/ to-do list
4. scribble down phone number or e-mail address
5. trap spider in a cup to transport outside
6. plot points/ story outline notes
7. flash cards for school
8. homemade memory game ("flip-flop" as my 5-yr-old calls it)
9. block bright clock light (numbers light up the room!)
10. block my left hand knuckles from dragging through ink or paint
11. coaster
12. move slugs that escape from kidlet's terrarium
13. scrape a man's cheek to test the closeness of his shave (remember that commercial? It was a credit card, but still...up one side, down on the other)