Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Karate quarterly graduation ceremony was Saturday. I earned a new belt level (yay!) and remembered my routine. The DVD coverage of the event showed me from the outside that it indeed looked cool as well as feeling good. The kick in the stomach from my instructor (0ur reward) didn't feel so good...oof...but I weathered it OK. If I ever figure out how to capture the moment from the DVD and post it to Youtube, I will do so LOL. I tried earlier, but my laptop gave me the blue screen of death just for trying to play the dang thing.

Tuesday is my volunteering at the school day, in my daughter's kindergarten class. I'm getting faster at my "chores." The kids each have a folder in which they keep a calendar and their read-at-home learning primers and communication to/from parents. The class volunteer gets to go through them each morning and take out what needs out, put in what needs in, etc. My first day it took the entire 2 1/2 hours to do that.

Today I had enough time left over to go outside and play at recess (tag, I found out later, is not allowed on the playground. Oopsie--kidlet and I played it). It was cold cold and bad mommy I didn't bring a coat for her, assuming with the cold wet weather they'd be inside today. Cold hannies and earses! After that, I helped the kids with their writing letters assignment (letters of the alphabet, not dictation-type letters). Many of the kids proudly told me they know tomorrow is Halloween.

We carved the big pumpkin after school. I think she's finally settled on what costume to wear--going with the pink princess dress and hat. She couldn't decide on Saturday night for the karate school Halloween potluck party; wanted to be a "bunny fairy princess." Ended up plain bunny--without ears (they're broken). Bobbed for apples in icy-cold water, won candy at silly games of chance, played a pumpkin-rolling relay. I went as a pirate--arrrgh! The food was fan-lotsofMexicanfoodandchocolate-tastic. And they'd even supplied pizza for the kids.

I'm ready for Halloween. If for no other reason than I get to take down the darn fake cobwebs on Thursday. She made me put them up October 1...still have to buy candy, though.