Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Soon, I will hear about release date of my short story with The Wild Rose Press, a holiday rosette in their Faerie Rose line.

Proud of my accomplishment, I allowed family to read over my shoulder. One comment: "I found a few mistakes." Thanks. Not "atta girl," or "I'm proud of you," but "You are imperfect, therefore defective."

Let us take a step back to lick our wounds and think. People read what you've written, and if they find a typo that slipped past a professional's radar they feel good about themselves. The reader who spots a typo is somehow elevated in this find, and wishes to crow about it. Pointing out a small error to the author, when easily fixable, is intended to help, not hurt.

From the perspective of the hopeful author struggling to become published, know that one misplaced 's' will not be a deal-breaker. If the structure is sound, characterization, setting detail, goal, motivation and conflict all aligned with the publisher's dictates, then the author is one her way.

Horrible thought, that one or two tiny typos, obviously typos, will cause an editor to laugh with evil glee. "Amateur! Mind your 's's! Back to the slush pile with you. Aha ha ha haaaa!"

I made it past the net, misplaced "s" and all. And yes, I found it and fixed it. I'll alert my editor if she doesn't spot it.