Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goodie Box

I haven't been here in so long the address was no longer in the drop-down on the toolbar. I had to type it in...

I've had a lovely decorative box on my desk for months. A grey resin-stone castle-top with dragon gargoyles on the sides and a dragon on the top of the lid. My daughter asked me yesterday, "What did you put in your box, Mommy?" and I had to say, "Nothing yet."

My idea was to place good things said about me into the box. Warm fuzzies, as we used to call them in gradeschool.

Tonight I actually did that, beginning with a quote from my writing buddy Carrie Lofty. "Kelly is enthusiastic, sensitive, self-depricating, funny, and generous with her praise and encouragement." How can that sort of statement NOT make you feel good?

I shall collect and print others to add to that. So when I'm feeling low as an author or otherwise, I can peep into the box and feel encouraged.