Monday, March 2, 2009

Good French Film--Who knew?

My MIL stumbled upon a great animated movie this weekend and shared it with us. Some parts may be a tad scary for little ones, what with dragons that break apart into bats and all, but Dragon Hunters (Chasseurs de dragons) was a fantabulous piece of art. We watched the English Language version.
While it has a good story to tell about trust and doing the right thing and believing in yourself, the real standout in this movie is the stunning backgound art. Rolling balls of farmland floating in a cloudy sky, pieces of ruined castles and monuments floating past and breaking apart. Carved relief artwork of dragons and civilizations past...all taken for granted by the characters.
Go find and rent if you can! Aparently it was a cartoon series on TV in 2004, but this film came out in 2008.