Monday, February 2, 2009

The opposite of pro is con, so the opposite of progress...

Update on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) going into effect February 10:

Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina wrote on his blog Friday that he would introduce legislation this week to reform the CPSIA and “better balance the need for safety with a common-sense business approach.” His proposed legislation would allow small manufacturers to comply by using the testing and certification that their component suppliers have done, rather than having to test final products. (This is the approach several publishers already are taking.) It also would prevent retroactive enforcement of the Act, which would eliminate the testing requirement for books manufacturered prior to the deadline, a major concern for publishers, booksellers, schools and libraries, and would exempt resellers, including thrift stores and used booksellers, from the Act’s provisions. [go here for full article]

So, it's not a done-deal yet, but someone is thinking about the impact of such a broad categorical decision that all things kid-oriented need to be tested for lead and pthalates.

Further update: has this helpful article clarifying the requirements of the CPSIA act in regards to used clothing and children's products in circulation produced prior to Feb 10, 2009. Go, read. I'm happier now.