Friday, January 16, 2009

New Tool for Writers

I found this evil tool via following links from one freelance writer's blog to another this morning and thought I'd share...


To use the tool yourself, go to Dr. Wicked's post about his neato NaNo invention. In his words, "Write or Die is a web application that encourages writing by punishing the tendency to avoid writing. Start typing in the box. As long as you keep typing, you're fine, but once you stop typing, you have a grace period of a certain number of seconds and then there are consequences." [Flashing colors, annoying music, nasty sounds, etc. or you can opt for worse, such as your newly typed words disappearing as you sit idle.]

He goes on to say this profound bit: "A tangible consequence is more effective than an intangible reward."

Struggling to stay focused when doing your word count or set time? This tool will whip you into shape.