Sunday, March 9, 2008

EPICon 2008

The Electronically Published Internet Connection convention—or EPICon—was held this past weekend, March 7-8-9 2008.

Friday afternoon I drove to Portland and met up with two other author/editors from The Wild Rose Press. We dined on our boss’ dime and traded “war stories” about balancing editing with writing as well as digressing into discussions of small children and cattle and the benefits of raising one’s own beef vs. the freedom to actually travel for more than two days in a row.

Photo caption:Wild Rose Press authors Paty Jager, Sheri Lewis Wohl, and me. Yes, it’s out of focus. I handed the camera to another convention-goer who held the camera at arm’s length rather than use her glasses to line up the photo correctly…

Sheri, by the way, has the coolest business cards--she has embossed skulls in a line across one corner...or is that coroner? Anyway, it was cool to meet them in person. Paty lives in the same cow-town where my daughter was born, and Sheri lived in Ontario as a child, next to the town where my dad grew up. We found a lot of common ground between the three of us.

Being the lucky sort to have a friend in the area, I crashed on my friend’s couch that night and snuck out of her house Saturday morning to return to Lloyd Center for the first class of the day at 7:45. Five classes and an editor’s panel left me tired but full of good info. Unfortunately this year, I was unable to attend the EPPIES awards banquet, but congratulations to the winners. You might notice the blue ribbon on Paty’s name badge—she was a nominee for Perfectly Good Nanny.

Update 3/10: Paty tied for first place in the contemporary category (tied for first with another TWRP author, Liana Laverentz). My buddy Pam Champagne earned a first-place EPPIE in romantic suspence for Bed of Lies.

Over the course of this week I will dole the info out as I interpreted it; a digested and uncopyrighted giving of cool writer’s info and industry info.

Since I forgot to take my camera out and photo more of the people I met, I will share this view of downtown Portland, snapped from the top floor of the hotel: