Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday 13 - Things I Want To Do Before 2009

1. Finish The Empire's Edge (~70,000) and submit

2. Finish Mr. Li and submit (short story)

3. Earn money for editing. Not just experience and gratification. MONEY.

4. Earn my orange belt in Kenpo

5. Empty the garage of hazardous waste that got put there…and left to deal with "another time." We're talking fluorescent lightbulbs, two dead UPS's with lead batteries, a dead DVD player, a dead fire extinguisher…stuff of that nature. Ya can't just toss it in the trash.

6. Raise enough fundage to cover the credit I am using to pay for July's trip to Nationals in San Francisco. See #3

7. Sign up on Craig's List and Get Rid of Stuff that I don't need, such as the Hoover Windtunnel Bagless in my garage, there unused since I bought my Dyson, and the Dish Network equipment we recently replaced with the competitor 'cause it would save us money to bundle with the phone company…which leads to

8. Upgrade my freelance editing website. I edit under my married name. (McCrady is my maiden name and my pseudonym.) Bundling with our phone company means cutting off the cable internet, to be done this week or next, and they won't allow us to keep our email addies or my website. I have saved it as a .doc in its current form, though, ready to transfer pertinent info…which leads to

9. Find everyone who has our username as our current e-mail and change it. Yuck. Not only web-based companies, but doctors, dentist, frequented stores…arrrgh. Even Blogger needs it for me to post new blog blurbs...

10. Read twelve new books, already published that I don’t need to crit or edit. One a month. I should be able to do that, right?

11. Get a haircut. Seriously, my last cut was last February.

12. Install lattice beneath the new deck, to keep out critters and give the honeysuckle something to climb on.

13. Texture the darn wall in the downstairs bath. No, I didn’t get it done before Christmas.

How about you? Doable goals? Lofty ones?