Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 13 - Passing By Unnoticed

On my way to grab the scrub brush from the garage sink, I tripped over KT's bicycle training wheel and not only stubbed my middle toe (already freezing from the garage floor) but pierced the skin with the corner of the neighboring toenail and bled all over my sock.

This led me to what I'm doing to ready the house for company and all the extra chores I've set myself up to have too little time to do because "company" is coming Friday night--things no one is likely to comment upon. Segue, in my pain, to all the other little stuff I do around here that passes by with only me to know.

13 things I spent precious time on in the past two weeks that no one will notice:

1. Cleaned kitchen counter behind and under appliances, breadbox, and cannisters.
2. Washed glass display objects in kitchen behind sink and on top of cabinets, and lid of cookie jar (my cobalt glass collection sparkles, now, but there's no light up there.)
3. Gave bathroom tiled floors the Cinderella treatment. No simple mopping; they got the hands and knees scrubbing with a brush and bucket (thus the stubbed toe)
4. Re-organized corkboard. Updated phone number list, created phone list for KT's playdate friends, moved other notes around so they are visible again.
5. Laundered bathroom rugs
6. Weeded hubby's prescription info-leaflet pile (removed all but current of each Rx. we're talking an inch of paper that was unneeded)
7. Trimmed my bangs
8. Updated household accounting ledger into the new year
9. Updated address book
10. Tidied my sewing area (it's in the guest room. No one goes in there but me)
11. Cleaned the e-mail inbox (removed all messages older than one year)
12. Weeded kidlet's toys
13. Archived photos and made backups of them and my stories

I'll stop whining. But one gets tired of hearing about management's lack of notice of one's work when the same thing happens at home.

What do you do all day?
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