Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November News

Amazon has a new e-book reader coming out, the Kindle. For a more informed opinion on it than mine follow this link to Publisher's Weekly.

I'm not sure what to think about e-book readers. It seems the logical thing to keep e-books mobile and tuck-into-a-purse-able. I haven't the cash for one, myself, but I've certainly jumped onto the e-publisher bandwagon with both feet (how's that for a mixed metaphor?). Is the pinch of seeing only one page at a time really an issue? Opinions?


Yesterday, kidlet had a dental appointment. Two new cavities. I'm depressed. I got a tsk-tsking from the hygienist and instructed how to step up the fight against plaque in that tiny mouth. "All kids get cavities," dh says. "When I was a kid, it was no big deal." Perhaps it bothers me so much because (don’t hate me) I have no fillings—have never had a cavity thus far, in all my 36 years. Dh's head is full of them, and so I fear our daughter inherited his teeth, not mine; but I must take some responsibility for letting her eat junk. I'm a bad mommy. (sigh.)

Last night at karate, I put my money where my mouth was in last month's contest on Dionne Galace's "It Ain't Chick Porn" site. (I won her October contest with a tiny blub featuring Gretel Strikenauer using a staff on a demon.) Mr. Pollara had us take on two assailants each, with only a staff. One assailant would come from our 6 o'clock to grab us from behind and pin our arms, the other from our 3 o'clock with a knife. Go.

Dude. I did better in the first round. My husband was the one coming at me with a knife (It was rubber, don't worry. I got to be the one attempting to bear-hug him when he held the staff, so we were even). We four students rotated though each position and beat the crap out of each other and had a lot of fun. I think I did pretty well, but I tended to stay put and whack my assailants with the staff, forgetting I had the option to run after getting in a good hit.


Today's list includes: sit on my bum time (doing so now), make pie dough for the pumpkin pie I'm bringing to Thursday's feast, and make sure shoes and coats are on at 5:20 and dd and I are ready to go when Daddy gets home. He's taking us out to our fave restaurant, Jung's Mongolian Grill. Mmmmm. She gobbles noodles, broccoli and shrimp (said in kid's "e-language" as "shrimpies"). And Pepsi. With a pink straw, thank you very much. Then off to Target to shop, across the street. Fun night, but no time at home to do anything. We'll get home I'm sure after kidlet's bedtime.

Friday night promises some fun; Papa (my dad) has offered to take kidlet for the whole night—a sleepover at Papa's! We jumped at the chance. Dh promises a night of his newest favorite dinner I make (chicken cordon bleu), wine, and a double-feature of Live Free or Die Hard and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I'll be there with bells on—and not much else.

If I forget to blog later, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. May any family fights be swift and painless, and may tummies tighten with the feast until sleep sets in!